The Beyond

The day has finally arrived. The entire city has been anticipating this event for several generations. Everyone knows the question, but no one has been able to answer it…. until today. Today the city will finally know what is in “The Beyond”. What is on the other side of the great blue dome that covers their spherical city. Up until now they have had no way of crossing over into this great mystery. No structure can be built tall enough. Obviously no one can jump high enough. Their flying vehicles can’t even make the journey because these vehicles eventually fall once they reach a certain height. Many have died trying to make the attempt, but now they have discovered a new energy source deep within the ground. How ironic it is that in order to go up, they had to go down first.


This new energy source, called Vibratite came from the very center of this place they call home. Before this discovery the city always had the electrical energy it needed on the surface. But the surface energy was not strong enough to get them into “The Beyond”. No one knew where the surface energy came from before they found the Vibratite. Here’s how the science behind it works. First, to describe what the Vibratite looks like, they are perfectly round black spheres about the size of one’s hand. These spheres create and amplify vibration energy, hence the name “Vibratite”. At a resting state just one of these will cause an entire building to vibrate at a frequency similar to an electric shaver. The Vibratite at the underground core of the city creates enough vibration to generate large amounts of static electricity. This electricity works it’s way to the up and collects at various “hot spots” on the surface. This is how the city gets it’s energy.


It was then discovered that Vibratite can do so much more. As it was explained before, Vibratite can also amplify vibration. So when a small amount of energy is added, a larger amount of energy is created. The greater minds of this city have discovered a way to manipulate this amplification feature of this new energy to create a very strong propulsion engine. This engine is just what they needed to get to The Beyond.


So here we are. The entire city has come to watch the launch of their Vibratite vehicle. The countdown has started. Everyone is holding their breath. 3….2…..1….. Launch! The vehicle takes off at incredible speeds. It looks like the great mystery will surely be solved today. As the vehicle approaches the edge of the blue dome, the pilot notices something that has not been seen before. There are little blue dots starting to appear in the sky. “What are these?”, he asks to himself. Closer and closer he gets to The Beyond. Finally the vehicle plunges through the dome and into The Beyond. Immediately the Vibratite engine dies, but the vehicle is still moving. This problem was unexpected.  It seems that the Vibratite looses it’s energy outside of the dome. The pilot can no longer control the vehicle and continues to float through The Beyond. He realizes the possibility of coming home is no longer a possibility. So he begins to write down his observations in a hope that someone else in some way will read it. These are his writings:


As soon as I broke through the blue dome into the beyond the first thing I noticed was the color of the space in the beyond is non-existent. There is no color and that is the best way to explain it. The space out here is incomprehensible. I look back at home and see it’s round blue dome covering our city but I can not see the city any longer. There are blue dots in the distance. I am approaching one at a great speed. As I’m getting closer it’s becoming for apparent in shape. It looks like my home. Perhaps this is another home. Yes, it must be! All of these blue dots are other homes. Possibly other cities with different people as well. I’m passing it now and drifting further into the beyond. Something else is coming into view now. It is green in color and is starting to cover my entire field of vision.  And there’s something else. Something large and dark. It appears to be moving among the green. It’s all starting to take shape now. The large moving object is some kind of creature! Larger than a billion of our sized worlds. The green is apparently part of some kind of world in itself. The creature appears to have intelligence and is interacting with another smaller version of the same kind of creature. Yes, there is indeed an entire world in The Beyond. Our world, our city is nothing but a speck of dust in this much larger world. It is unimaginable and exciting. My only sadness is that I will not be able to return home to share what I am seeing with my friends and family. But my hope is that these writings will be seen by another being and will open the minds of others to a different perception of our worlds.

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